In one piece

Yep! Made it in one piece indeed!!

So I just landed down here (Melbourne, Oz) and it's not +40 million degrees celsius and that's just awesome!!! Long sleeves weather is my favourite weather!!

Apart from that, I'm sorry to say that a huge load of work from Hong Kong has followed me here with an incredibly stressful deadline so it will be absolutely impossible for me to answer any e-mails, whatsoever for the next week or so! I'll try to find some time to post up here on a regular basis (got lots of tattoo action you guys haven't seen yet to post) but I just can't answer any mails unless directly related to this Hong Kong work or future Australian doings!

I will be back behind the e-mail answering desk in about a week or so, until then I apologize but there's just not enough room in my head to take care of everything right now!

You can however bet your porcelain frog collection that I'll be showing off some "old" "new" sweet tats in the days to come!!

Stay awesome!! Until then, if you excuse me, I have some Koalas to throw at passing trains!! So much fun!


Karo said...

Glad you arrived safe & sound, can't wait to show you around town, and know you have a place to stay, fo sho! xxxxx Karo

ZAK said...

How dear you!? I'd never do that!! I love my froggy collection!!