Riding the wave

Operation "Road Runner" update >>>>>

After a few days of staring at the waves crash on these pristine white sandy beaches in this very pretty yet pretty remote part of the world (yes remote!! There are more people living in my building back home in Hong Kong than in this whole town), I'm back on the road again! Direction, the South! Time has, once again, not been my best of friends and has passed me by a bit too quickly making me rush back down to Melbourne and sadly, once again, go right through Sydney without being able to stop! I won't give up though! I will one fine day get to go and see this town but sadly not this year!

This time I'm hopping a few trains all the way back down to the southern coast! 22 hours all together if all the trains are on time! It's a bit of a long trip but the best way to see the countryside short of just walking down!

I'm out tonight at the crack of dusk and will report back here as soon as I make it to Melbourne sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning!

Stay street!

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