Road Runnings and other such doings

Still alive and well down here!!

Visiting the country sites and taking loads (heaps) of awesome pictures out here in Brisbane and the surrounding Queensland "bush" area! Lots of great shots I can't wait to get developed as soon as I get back to the HQ! My first time up here you see... So I might have gone a little camera crazy! But apart from cars in trees and kangaroo boxing matches, the situation on the ground is getting busier and busier too!! So stay tuned for more exciting adventures such as -The "Mad Kants Private Midnight Taddoo Klub", the "100 first Guinness Pints Queensland International Competition" and "Operation Road Runner part 3", of this amazing other side of the world, Road Running mission!!

Until then and as previously promised... Here's one of these "old" "new" taddoo catching up posts!!!

This one you might remember from last year! The famous "The Time Piece" from GUUUAAAAM !! Well... Since then we finished it! Here's what it looked like when we was done >>>>>

Until the next post... Stay street!

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Ian Bradley said...

Everybody loves it man... Thanks again!