On the horizon

Operation "Road Runner" is a go!

Departing tomorrow after a very long week of elbowing and struggling through the Aussie visa system, clearly not designed for spontaneous trips! Nevertheless, I managed it, at the very last minute, mind you, but it's all good now!

I always had it planned to go back down there in the next few years (you guys are so damn far from the rest of us) but didn't actually think I'd be able to make it so soon and now I just really can't wait! So many good friends to hang and throw koalas at passing trains with!! Aaaaaa... The good times! It's the little things in life, ya know!?

But enough about play... Here are some official operation "Road Runner" factual facts >>>>

RR Part 1 - Tomorrow...

More precise dates within this big island as soon as I get them!

You Rock!

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Nic said...

hi there international man of mystery... safe landing? or did you end up in some late 80s styled room with a handful of African 'businessmen'?