Behind the wall... Deep in the drain!

Dictators tend to forget that no despot can stand and defy the force of the oppressed mass. No matter the time they manage to stay on top, no matter the means they use to repress, at the end of the day, the man on top is just that. Another man. As fragile as any other.

Congratulations to the people of the new re-liberated Libya, who against all odds grabbed their own fate by the horns and took back their lives after 42 years of oppression. A wonderful example and life lesson for all of us around the world who are too afraid of looking directly into the MAN's eyes!

All my hopes and wishes now go to a successful and peaceful transition, a new Libya that will be better than the old where less blood will need to be spilt.

In other news....

Thanks so much to all of you for some awesome birthday wishes e-mails and comments!!! You guys all pretty much Rock!!

More updates of "Road Runner" in the next few days and even some more of that tattoo thing I sometimes do!! Take it light and stay street!!

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