The Melbourne Clock Bird

Laying them out... One by one!

Melbourne's been good to me! Melbourne's always been good to me! Unfortunately, time has not been on my side during this whole trip and I've had to cancel too many things and run from one place to the next too often! It does seem however, like I will be back down on this part of the southern hemisphere more often now!! Yep! But until I make it back... Here's some of the last sweet doings I could have been caught doing during the last few days!!

The Melbourne Clock Bird with sad but not tragically sad, young lady! I also call it my "PECKEL" piece! Here's what yesterday's Voodoo doings looked like!!

Red & Black...

5 hours later...

Finally a real "one shot"!!

On the road out back home tomorrow night but I will find time to post again before I fly fly fly away!!!

Got to run already but stay safe out there!!!

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