The Bottle Shop Dance


Yeah... I'm pretty much still a gigantic stress ball of stressness down here! poor Australia, it has absolutely nothing to do with her! Being back down here is actually pretty damn awesome!! But all these HK workings that followed me in the plane back down here are really starting to take their toll on my health!! I'll be just fine just need to keep at it and try to make this doom deadline!!! I promise you all that I will write a book about all this when I'm done!! 6 months of hard work... Let's hope really really hard not all in vain!!

Enough about my ramblings!! I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to start posting some of these "new" "old" pieces you guys never got to see! I've never found the time to post these sessions and well... For those who like to stay in the loop... My latest stuff is pretty damn cool if I may say so myself! Yup!

First of the day:
Mr. Carlos who came all the way from Spain, the land of Paella and nation wide automatic legalization of all illegal immigrants to get this long leg of his filled with awesome city mayhem crazy colours and stuff! Have a look at what sessions one and two looked like! One last session for the finish most probably in January back in Europe at the wonderful Conspiracy inc. a pretty damn awesome shop like there are very very few of and that you sure think more than a hundred times before leaving!! Woo where did that come from?? I miss those guys!!! Ok ok enough emo!! Here's Carlos' wonder leg >>>>

Second of the day:
Mr. Hermod from the northern lands of Norway, proud birthplace of Nobel prizes and endless Fiords, came for a riot of his own! Here's session one and two and same as Carlos... One last round to go very soon! Have a look at what's been happening in Europe everywhere outside of Norway lately in vibrant reds >>>>

Right! Hope this satisfies your tattoo viewing desires for now!
More in the coming days!!

Until then I'll be busy smoking 3 packs a day, writing e-mails frenetically and organizing the next steps of operation Road Runner!!! Might find some time to throw Koalas too!

So much fun!

Later skaters!


Michelle Hilden said...

ohh soo pretty!!!

Flora Amalie said...

We miss you too, emo Nick :)))
Also, no throwing koalas, and no smoking three packs a day!!
Love you!!!

Uncle Allan said...

yeah awesomeness. Love the revolution piece!! But not as much as we love you! Awww!! You da best!
Don't stress toooo much!! CAAAALMN DAAAWN!!!

Jeppe said...

Awesome as allways! Nice to se some tattoo posts again.