The clock is ticking... It's T-1!

Operation Road Runner's success is still to be determined! For you see, this oh so mysterious operation didn't necessarily have to happen in Australia but rather more importantly out of Hong Kong and it's entire success depends on a full loop, a safe return!! I will be more than happy to explain all of these operational operations and all of the last year's worth of secretive secrets as soon as I can but until I can... It'll be evasive and vague rhetoric from me, I'm afraid! Hang on and bear with me just a bit longer while I glide my way back through the dark and silent South China sea skies tonight! 10 Hours = 5 movies... I hope they have a new selection since my ride into Australia!!

Even though the entire trip was pretty much all last minute arrangements and day to day runnings, I couldn't be happier to have decided to come down to Australia for this last month and have already promised all around a sure and prompt return in the very near future!! So for all of you down under who would have loved more tattooing, more visiting, more Guinness time... Keep your eyes open for me soon soon again, cuz if you see someone who looks like me in the streets of Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane in the months to come... It's probably me!!

Take care out there and wish me luck for this midnight run!

Updates as soon as I'm back home!


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Lsd said...

Good to have u in da hood mate, let me know when your tattooing in makoko next, will be swinging over for sure! Godspeed on your return to the holy land. Keep neat