It don't gitmo better than this!!

Wow! So much always happens when you're on the road! It's like your life magically doubles in doings and happenings in the same amount of time! Crazy shit!! So I'll help ya catch up here…

First of all: The House of Jedi!

After an awesome week of chilling, drinking, chilling and locals hurting and chilling in Brisbane town at my buddy Mix Master Luke's aka the one Jedi Luke aka the main organizer of the "Mad Kants Midnight Tattoo Club" aka the driver with nerves of steel, I'm out again! Brisbane is a cool spot on the map and I highly recommend you drop by if you ever find yourself in that general neck of the woods!! Avoid going out on Monday nights and you'l be good!

And here's what kind of doings last happened at the House of Jedi (where Jedis hang, talk shit, have BBQs and get taddooed) before I had to skip and get back on the road last night! Now this is actually beyond awesome… Sit down, relax and soak this in slowly! I must add that this kind of stuff is the kind of tattooing that is making me hang on to tattooing a bit longer and wait a bit more before I quit! Yep! It's that awesome! That whole crew of Brisbanites are getting some of the best pieces out there… Ok! You ready?? Here I go… I give you, the one the only the famous Abu Ghrabbit detention facility! Yep! A full sleeve of 3D Abu Ghrabbit-ness! Complete with dirty skank guards, Die-cut isolation cells and an in process 3D rabbit water boarding session! What more could you ask for?? Seriously!!! Have a look for your selves!!

Red & Black (8pm)

All lined up (6 am)

So much for "one-shots" number 2! More better shots and some serious colour action on this new sleeve in November!! Keep an eye out for this one!!

As for operation Road Runner part 3… Here's the road accomplished last night driving trough a Typhoon that could only be described as The Rapture (Yep… Picture 4 gweilos in a smart car driving through the Rapture! Lucky we had a Jedi at the wheel!) and a 4 hour night bus ride through the bush >>>>>

Will be here in Coffs Harbour for a day or two before I skip town again for some more south bound trippings through the great Australian outdoors!

Take care out there and stay tuned for more Road Running adventures!!


Spectre said...

Awesome""" I want one!!!!

Keiko Fox said...

This is fantastic. Adventure on!

simko said...

thats new level shit! so cool man wish you could have saved that one for me!!! rad skillz!!

cansu said...

your insane:)))))) someone had to get it! can't wait to see in colour awesome details, take care!! :)))))

Bonesy said...

Old jedi Luke steel nerves, he'll take n e storm on !ha kool blog mate cheers for the pain hopefully c u in next month bonesy have a good rest of ur trip bonesistops@hotmail.com

KC G said...

rabbit torture!!! there is no better form of the sport. keep up the good adventures. :)