! BANG ! not KABLAMO...

News of the day !!

Yep... You guessed it! Been tat-action zzzapping all day! Here's the day's tatdoings >>>>

Now I'm pretty happy about this one piece, right here, for two good reasons ... First, cuz it turned out really sweet!! But also, secondly, cuz the "Harley Quinn" character has been drawn many times by many different artists over the years (quite overly tattooed too) and I'd been looking forward to do my own version of it today! Most of the Batman characters are just that kind of characters too ... The kind any artist can do his own version of! A lot of other characters from other stories and comics just don't translate as well if stylized too much! I must admit , I stayed pretty close to the classic one but did have a lot of fun! Anyways ... Here's what today's "one-shot" ended up looking like !!


Done and done ... 5 hours later (with a bit of fairy dust to help)

Sweet stuff indeed! Let me know what ya think!!

However, still no time to blog some more ... Got to run already!

So ... Later skaters !


Commando T said...

Good stuff, you did keep to the original... thought you would have made her over-sexy killer clown.

Anonymous said...

Love this piece!

igl said...

I LOVE HARLEY !!! Supercool Tatoo Buddy ! ... rock

Nos said...

looks great man