Haggis on the go!

Still up here ... Still alive and pretty busy all the way up here!

I've been enjoying lots of awesome masterpiece photography days and sweet sweet doodle days lately ! But between those days and the tourist days, I've also spared some time for some highlanding, fully tartaned and bagpiping tat-zzzzzappin' !! True story ! Here's today's scotch doings >>>

Paris' apocalypse ... The empty capital half-sleeve is all done and done !! Started a while ago in Copenhagen ... Finished a few hours ago in Edinburgh ! Check it out (excuse the bloody half healed/half fresh shots) >>>

RED !! This is one piece that did change a lot from the original go and I just love where it ended up ! We never had a clear view of what the sky could look like and I'm pretty damn happy about the epic, tragic and doom red sky we went with!

More of just that sooner than you think !

Until then ... Here's a happy camper !!
Happy "Finally got our painting" day to the Art Skull crew !!!

Stay proud !


Monster Sid said...

i love this dog alrady!
and this crazy red b-ground! haha!
just great ;]

art skull tattoo said...

great great happy day for my blog too, crazy story !!!!

Anonymous said...