Monkey Business

Way too damn busy...

The daily doings have become the every second day's doings this week, yes it's true! I have had very little time to Plog but also a very bad picture week! Many of the pieces were just simply impossible to shoot! Just happens some times... Anyways... I'm pretty happy today's doings weren't to camera shy cuz this day's piece is a beaute, let me tell ya! Check out the week's last, the week's "one-shot" piece of the hour!!

This here smart simian entrepreneur has no morale issues whatsoever with liberal economy in fact he's pretty much embracing the endless capital making opportunities of globalization! The world's more fortunate need bananas and it would be a crying shame to deprive them of such a wonderful thing! -Bananaco.


6 hours later>>>

Premium mechanically hand picked slightly genetically modified and 50% fair trade bananas for the world

Lots more tomorrow!! No time now!! Got to run again!

Happy Fridays and happy thanksgiving recoveries!!



Paddy "four-and-a-half-pints"McGuinnes said...

nice tattoo like, paddy!

igl said...

hmm,.. that monkey looks like an old buddy of me, hihi..!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, rocking the banana stocks. This must be the real stuff behind global economics. You aint learn the truth on university ;-)