The tiny paranoid kingdom Vs the imaginary dragon!


I got some news a few days ago and have been regularly thinking about it ever since. I seem to be unable to shake it out of my head and just blindly go back on about my own busyness. So forgive me this outburst for a brief post but I find myself with no other choice than to have to rant this situation out of my system.

The story: My friend's husband is being deported from the said kingdom of Denmark!

The stats: She's Danish, he's American. They have been married for 8 years. Living in Denmark as an immigrant he has had to prove himself regularly, like in most other countries, to the said kingdom's local authorities and seems to have done an exemplary job at it. No criminal record, no involvement with anything that could potentially jeopardize his stay. Strictly abiding to all the requested demands. Got himself a good job and has been fulfilling his local economic contribution obligations (taxes) and cultural ones (obligatory language lessons) without any problems whatsoever. Pretty much an example of integration and a model immigrant. Except for the fact that this last week, he made the crucial mistake of completely forgetting, for the first time, about a regular check-up appointment with the kingdom's immigration authorities. The penalty for such an offense here in Denmark -Pack your shit, you have 48 hours to get out! We don't wanna hear about it! Ciao!

After so long. After such a good score sheet. No possibility of compromise (in this case re-scheduling the appointment) possible.

I've done my research in the last few days and the truth is that this shit happens pretty much on a regular basis over here. This one situation touches me more because it's about my friend but very similar stories keep popping up. Last month's top score was a family with kids being split up. I can't help but think (as a human being with a personal moral code and not as a box on a shelf) -Throwing out a mother and separating her from her kids within 48 hours for a missed appointment -Who the fuck does that?

So here's my rant, my outrage in words, my finger pointing, my immigrant's slap in the face not to the Danish citizens by birth who voted for Pia and her DF (the local protectionist xenophobe extreme right party which is actually part of the governing coalition here) who came up with these, and many other non-thought through, immigration laws. For they voted for what they believe in, whether what they believe in is responsible, an educated choice or politically relevant at all in today's world, is, sadly, the inevitable shortcomings of democracy and their birthright. But no! My rant is directed at all those (and I speak from experience knowing many) who would have leaned left, but who take their everyday luxurious pampered Danish way of life for granted and had better things to do than to go vote on the last election day (and probably other election days before that). Who by not voting allowed the crazies' votes to count more than they should have. Allowing the crazies seats in parliament. Not really caring much when the majority craving leading party struck an alliance (for the second time) with the said crazies enabling Pia and her posse to access power, to hijack the country's administration and the possibility to make up and push through ridiculous and nationally self destructive immigration laws such as the one above explained.

It's easy to say that it's Pia and her paranoid friends' fault but truly it's not! Every society has it's crazies, every society everywhere in the world has people desperate for attention who need to shout their opinions about political realities they obviously can't quite entirely grasp! These people are everywhere but it is who listens and agrees with the shallow populist speeches, who votes for and who doesn't vote against that enables these people to acquire positions where they're actually paid to come up with new laws such as the one above witnessed!

Given, this is my personal opinion. It is, however, backed by numerous facts about today's global realities, the facts that in every European country the population is aging rapidly and that to continue to secure today's quality of life, Denmark like many other European nations will have to accept very quickly the cold hard fact that it is actually desperate for immigrants! Right-wing populist anti-immigration rhetoric is, ultimately without foundation and inevitably nationally destructive.

If however, I'm horribly wrong, 100% of voters voted and the outcome of the last election represents exactly what today's Denmark wants in a rare show of democratic success! Then please forgive my mindless uneducated ranting and start fucking and making lots and lots of Danish babies quick cuz if you only want to be around your own, you're gonna need a lot more of your own very very soon!

My advice to my friend however is: Get the hell out of here as soon as you can! Why would one fight to stay somewhere where they're not wanted. There are so many other wonderful places in the world where the local authorities would be willing, with a slap on the wrist perhaps, to re-schedule an appointment!

Rant >>>> Over.


Flora Amalie said...

Amen, brother.

Cases like hers (am i right in assuming i know this person too? I feel so fucking bad for them) are far too common these days, and the new brilliant "point system" is gonna make them even more common.
Smart, good, hard working people from all over the world who, for some crazy reason, wanna live in and contribute to our dumb little Kingdom are being kicked out and for what? Cause they're... a threat to our way of life? cause they mooch on society? I don't think so.

The latest story in the news is of a Danish/Pakistani couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary without the attendance of any of his relatives, because people aren't even allowed to fucking VISIT Denmark, unless the people they know here are literally dying.

Makes me fucking ashamed to be Danish.

Flora Amalie said...

Ps. I hear Malmö is a nice place to live...

Anonymous said...

A very eye opening story. Don´t know so far, that the Situation in Denmark is that bad. Sounds like the radicals have won more ground, than they should. I´m just hoping, its because of the explanation you gave, because if 100% of the voters truly wanted such unreflekted laws, Denmark aint a country worth living in. Please give your friend my best. I hope he fiends a way to get past this horrible situation.

Best RON

Michelle Hilden said...

Well said!! thanks!!!

Ben Newman said...

that's insane. Hope it works out for your friend somehow :(