M M Monday...

Right back at the office!

The cold is under control and that's a good thing cuz I got me another busy busy week ahead!!

Here's the day's doings... "A cyber fairy princess? -Sure ... Why not" ... Who are we to judge? Well here it is! Almost kind of a "One-shot" but not really! Well, it is but then it's part of a sleeve so ... Yeah! Whatever ...


And a few hours later! Just another typical cyber fairy princess ... Chilling out!

More on this sleeve on Thursday!

In other news... Thanks so much you guys! The traffic on the ANALOG COMMANDO has been off the charts! Hope you guys like the shots ! Keep keeping an eye out there too cuz there's been , in the last few days, what seems like a constant flow of new analog photo postings!! Check it out!

Ok ... Got to run!

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