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Finally a few seconds to myself ...

... Here are, finally brought to you, the last few weeks' NEWS from the FRONT >>>>

-First in the news of the day... I'm so very very sorry (trust me I am devastated) to have no other choice but to announce that for common understanding and coordination reasons on the "publishing level" ... My super mega power book (the Electric Pick Ture Book) will not be available as soon as previously mentioned (end of November)! It truly breaks my heart after 2 years of work and finally finishing it and knowing it's awesome potential to have to delay it again! The new official release date will be announced soon but won't be before 2011!

Terribly sorry!

-Secondly... I have absolutely no more spots available for tattooing in Copenhagen! "one-shot" or not! The deal's sealed and unless we've been chatting on the interwebs before now, I'm sorry to say I'm done for 2010! If you're not on the European waiting list, come to Hong Kong or wait a while more!

-Number 3... I have just added a bunch of new originals for sale on the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX. If you fancy one of my newer originals and you don't mind them being unframed (just can't find the time) go check em out!

-4th on the list... This has been a project very dear to me for a while now! I've secretly organized it on whatever spare time I could find in the last 5 months! Like all other things I do it has been pushed back and delayed for months but I can finally say that, even though it's not all 100% just yet... It's still good to go! Officially opening now! If you like analog photography from around the world, here's a new special venture of mine and friends, a new special space on the world wide webs!! Go check out the ANALOG COMMANDO and tell me what you think!!!

-And finally... Here's a re-blog of the latest news from the European Parliament's blog in Brussels:

"For reasons of global financial hardship and current economic realities
this year's holiday season's festivities are canceled.

Christmas, the new year's celebrations and other local cultural festivities related are hereby canceled for the period starting from the 1st of December 2010 and until the 15th of January 2011.

All European citizens are to comply and not take part in any holiday festivities whatsoever for the full duration of that period.

All European citizens are therefore absolutely obliged not to purchase anything, in any case whatsoever, in relation to these festivities. Failure to comply will result in full prosecution and/or dismemberment*

(*where local laws permit)."

Ok that's it for today! Got to run!

Plog ya back tomorrow!!

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