Don't bleed on me!

Here you go ... Your daily dose of visual EPHK tat-doings!

Today was dedicated to one of my many favourite things in the known universe ... Zombieness ! That's right, the undead that are still alive thing! Apart from the fact that the weirdest and most hard to believe thing in zombie movies nowadays is that the people in these movies always seem to live in a world where they have never heard of anything related to the said subject! Always surprised and always doing the stupidest things just like if they lived in a world where there was no zombie movies and had never heard of such a concept! Let's all agree that most of us out there, would know pretty much almost exactly what to do and what not to do by now if such a situation ever occurred! Anyways ... Here are 3 wonderful zombie things that made my day!

1-The day's doings!! This zombie goat-headed undead lord from bellow finally got his colours today! Live and bold, with real life voodoo magic pictograms and all! Now this shot is a bit bloody and was very hard to take but it's been a while since you've seen this piece so here you go>>>> (Bottom part of the Voodoo half-sleeve from a while back)

2-This just got me all worked up and really excited !!!

3-And finally ... Pretty much one of the most awesome things I've heard about in the last few months!! Go ahead ... Make fun! But the day this comes out, you've lost me!! My waiting list will triple in waiting time!


Zombie tip of the day (Just in case ... You never know)... Use your head, remove theirs !

Laters zkaters


Uncle Allan said...

All hail the goat king! Muhaa haa haaa! Run little girl scouts, ruuuun! Muhaaaa haaaa haa!!

Looks good duder.

Walking Dead... 3 episodes in...LOVE IT!!!!!! AMAAAAZING!!!

Don't get eaten by Schleppegrells Zombies...or Eckel

Commando T said...

Dude... You got the zombie crazzzz... but the good one.

Simon said...

The Walking dead is bloody awesome.

And always remember, swords, axes and the like don't run out of ammunition!

ps: love the tat

Anonymous said...


igl said...

this is f**ing awesome !!! ***** '#'