Smarts is a given !

What better way to start the work week than with a "one-shot", I ask ya? Well , there are a few better ways to start the week actually (not working is one, finally getting those prints you ordered a month ago and had completely forgotten about, or even cake! Cake is an awesome way to start the week too) but anyways... In EPK-tattooland today, an awesome "one-shot" is a great way to start the week!!

Ladies and gentlemen .... I present to you the Thinking Hat!!
Some people out there might be interested in such a device (I now know a whole lot of American diplomats who should really look into getting one of these)!! Here's the original thinking hat, worn by it's inventor, Dr Thinky Van De Thought, on one of his many demonstrations! The thing is, however, that soon after inventing the said "smart-hat", Dr Van De Thought realized the full potential of the amazing device he had just created and decided not to share it with the rest of the world anymore and to keep it for himself! Therefore vanishing never to be seen again (which is directly linked to why the very existence of the wonderful "brain helping helmet" is mostly unknown to most commoners)! But for your eyes tonight, unveiled in all it's glory .... The myth, the legend ... The incredibly awesome Thinking hat >>>

Red/Black you know the drill ...

A few hours later ...

Once again the magic of Orange+Purple (the new Bluegrey) has proved unmatchable!!! Hope you like!

-However also in the news of the day >>>> Sadness ... Much sadness!

Thank you so much for all the awesome times and the ever lasting laughs growing up, Mister Nielsen! I never got to tell you this but you were in many of my childhood classics! You will be missed very much!

Now if you don't mind... There are only 16 hours left before I have to start work again tomorrow and I have about 150 000 pages of Wikileaked awesomeness left to go through!!!

You can say what you want about that but never ever in our history have we ever been able to find out and learn so much, in such up to date and in depth secret information about how the people who rule this world for us work and function! For anyone who likes to know things, for anyone who likes to understand how the world functions, for anyone who doesn't like to be lied to by the people that decide for them, for anyone interested in the truth about things in the world that surround us, Wikileaks is a never before seen amazing opportunity! The Afghanistan and Iraq war files were incredible but these American administration foreign relations cables are pure gold!! This IS full democracy of knowledge!

So, dear Mister Asange: Even though you kinda sound like a douche, I thank you profoundly for making our world a lot clearer and helping uncover the stupidities and lies of our governments!! The very best of courage to you right now!! Having everyone's secret service desperate to find and stop you must be very stressful and well, just really suck!! But please don't stop and keep doing it as long as you can! The world desperately needs this more than it knows!!

And now my final yet huge thanks to Pfc. Bradley Manning who destroyed his career, will most probably end up cleaning toilets with a toothbrush for the rest of his life in a place probably much darker even than the Guantanamo bay "detainment facility", have a substantial amount of his countrymen call him a traitor and hate him forever and all of that for the sole purpose of giving us all the possibility to know!

Thank you Mister Manning! If you make it out alive one day, you can get a free tat from me anytime!

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ian said...

The red outlines are killer, man. Looks like this guy is about to invent Guinness!.. Genius!