And every day...

What up !?

Back, as previously promised, for your daily tat-doing visual input !
Did I mention this wasn't gonna last? Cuz that's the only thing keeping me going ... Yep ... mhm! Ok ok... Enough with the whining and more of the day's doings!

Today's power session was dedicated to this delicious "kitchen in action" sleeve of the moment!! We pretty much finished all the colour on the top part and well ... It looks fantastic! Judge for yourselves >>>>


What a week!! Off tomorrow and not that much other stuff to do so ... Yeah! A very needed doodle day indeed! Was about to blow up from non-doodleness and well ... Apart from the mess it would have produced, that would have sucked for me!

More news tomorrow!!

1 comment:

Simon said...

Oh lord, I love this tat. There I was thinking I might be able to keep away from getting more ink from you and than you do something like this.

I might have to make another trip to HK sooner than I thought.

Absolutly love it.

Cheers from the Greyhound Bus somewhere between Cairns and Airlie Beach