Last time , in Copenhagen ...

... This is what happened !!

Here's my final last few days work , from the Conspiracy inc. Finally Plogged for your viewing pleasures (as promised) !! Had a hard time finding time to sit down and post these last few workings (as you might have noticed) but here's the said awaited post of the said day's doings all ready for ya ! Now ... Have a good look at these few pieces for they are my last ones in a while !! I'll be working in HK , of course , but have planned as little as possible in the general tattooing field !! A well deserved break , if ya ask me !

With no further delay >>>>> Copenhagen 2009 , the final round !

Final round on the green city !! Came out awesome !! Half is healed (like most of these pieces) and the other half fresh so yeah ... Not the best pictures but still ... I'm sure you get the idea !

Inspector Grey ... Another half sleeve finished for the folio !!

This one finalized too !!! Had a lot of fun with the mermaids hair !!!

And this here , the last piece ... A quick 3 hour one shot !! Super hero fight to the teeth !! Who will win this epic battle of good versus evil ?? The glorious Green Ranger or the ever so terrifying Cyber Skull ???

That's it for tats for a few weeks , ladies and gentlemen !! You've had way too much in the last few months to look at anyways !! Yep ! That's it ... You're being cutoff for a while !!!

Stay rockin' and enjoy what's left of the holidays !!!


art skull tattoo said...

terribeuuuuuul !!!!!!

Michael Brito said...

why do you got to be sooo dope...leave some dopeness for the rest of us!