Front line !

Good thing about having COP15 in town:

-Well ... Copenhagen actually feels like a real city ! You go downtown or take the train or metro and there are people from all over the world and that's awesome ! Makes you realize how non-multicultural and internationally isolated Copenhagen usually is !

Bad thing about having COP15 in town:

-The orwellianization of Copenhagen is a bit freaky and uncomfortable !! Maybe it's just me and my reflex antipathy towards forced authority but having to show ID cuz you chose the wrong side of the street to walk through is something that annoys me ! With the helicopters hovering at all times , the blast walls and security perimeters set up around the city and of course the thousands of cops scattered all over town ! Makes me want to read 1984 again !

However , the real deal is happening on the other side of the ramparts ! Beyond the lines of mentally overwhelmed and freaked out robocops and beyond the improvised army of protesters from around the world (most of which , I find to be , rarely truly informed about what they're here for) ! All we can do is screen the news attentively to find out what's actually happening inside this climate fortress these "important deciders" have made for themselves ! The main words echoing out so far are -"painful fiasco !" But only at the end of the week will we truly know all the details of why and how we either failed ourselves silly or actually figured some kind of deal out that we might actually think of honouring !

I personally am not expecting anything remotely intelligent to come out of this impressively impossible climate deal making mission the UN has set for us ! I think , just like the Nigerian delegation has been saying as soon as they stepped off the plane a week ago (and this is from an official and absolutely reliable spy source), and I quote "Why do we have to negotiate this ?? Does the stomach negotiate with the liver every time the body is eating ??? "

But hell ! I would really really love to be very wrong !!!

Let's see what happens on Saturday ! Until then ... Awesome tat-pictures of the day and of tomorrow's day's doings >>>> Tomorrow night !

Don't be cynical !!


ZAK said...

Well, the land of rednecks DID choose to have a black president. Anything can happen, really. But there's too much money to be made and to lose that I wouldn't get me hopes up either...

CoreyGirl said...

just make sure its all gone and cleaned up before i get there! see ya in two months!!

Anonymous said...

Two thumbs up, captain.

Michelle Hilden said...

was your secret spy mission succesfull??