That's it ... I'm off ! Was good fun , here in NAmerica , once again and will be missing it for the next few years before I'm back around this part of the world again !! Take care out there my new and old NAmerican friends and stay fresh !!

Now's the time to get outta here ! A full day of flying all the way to the other coast to Wilmington North Carolina for one short night !! "But Nick !!!!! That makes no sense !!!!! Wilmington North Carolina for one night ? What in the world are you going there for ???" -One might say ! Well I'm not quite sure I've previously blogged about this but I'm going back home to Europe the long way !! Taking a big bubba of a ride home ... "A freighter or Cargo ship" I believe is the correct term ! And her wonderfully fitting name happens to be the "MV Independent Pursuit" !! Will be on it from the 13th till the 26th AAAaaaaallll the way across the Atlantic to Antwerp in Belgium ! Now ... Here's the thing ... The ship , apparently does have "satellite" internet but I have no idea what to expect ... If I can use it as much as I want , if it is painfully slow or if it works at all !! So ... I'll do my best to Plog on the way but there is a very real risk of Ploglessness !! Worst comes to worst ... Check once in a while but I'll be officially back on a regular blog posting schedule around the 26th ish when I dock back on the other side !!

Here she is ... What a beaut !

Wish me luck !


The-animals-strike-back said...

Sweet ship!!
Good luck!

adrian fernandez glez said...


Flora Amalie said...

That ship scares me!
But to be fair, most ships do.

Have fun and if the internet f's up, call me (you can still do that, right?) and i'll post an update for you on the shop blog!

Have a safe and exciting trip!

art skull tattoo said...

bonne route et bonne bourre vieux, ne disparait pas trop longtemps quand meme, ou est ce que je vais prendre mes forces, moi, hein ????

Kireru said...

Beaware of Pirates... they'll come and steal your mp3's and digital stored movies!... The horror, damn pirates!

CraigSA said...

pirates shmirates... tha good thing about not having tha internet is that u'll have loads of time for liver push-ups!!! i've been doin' mine, and tha last thing we need in R'dam is an unfit team member! GET. ON. IT