Tales from the high seas ... [chapter one] !!

From the NAtlantic with love >>>>

Now I'll spare you guys the thousands and thousands of shots I took with the digital camera and just give ya a few random shots to look at ! I will however , in a few weeks , post some of the glorious 35mm and 120mm shots I took as soon as I get them developed ... You won't be able to escape that !! Now now ... Don't be afraid ! I only took about 12 rolls on this trip (NAmerica included) so it won't be as intense as my last time in Hong Kong !! Promise !! But for now , in no particular order ... Here's a quick look at a few shots of what it looks like in the middle of nowhere !!

Enjoy !

The biggest sky in the world !!

Needless to say this was a hell of an awesome super trip !! Am pretty happy I not once got seasick even though the rough season had just begun (the sea did get a bit aggressive after day 5) but fantastic all the way through and many new stories to add to my collection !!

Now if you'll excuse me ... I have a few pints to go and drink with my new sailor friends at the Seamen's mission , here in Antwerp ! Ahoy mates !! Doon't bother with them glasses ... Just poor me beer right in a jaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!

A few doodles coming up !!


Flora Amalie said...

No seasickness... i'm so proud of you!
And for a whole lotta nothing it sure is pretty out there.
That rainbow is amazing...
Stories, now, please!!

igl said...

amazing impressions bdy i´m jealous about your trip!

bloodmilk. said...


Michelle Hilden said...

The Middle of nowhere is beautiful!!!!!

Styrman said...

Avesome pictures! ;D