Anvers et contre tous ...

Rock on !! Am very glad to be back home in my beautiful union , however , Am still on the road ... Yep ... mhm !

Nowadays ... In Rotterdam ! Home to the biggest harbour in Europe and the very best Broodje Kroket in the Netherlands !! True story ! Don't argue with me ... I know my fast food !!! Just got here yesterday and after a full day of doodling with my buddy Slick Nick ... Will be doing that tattoo thing I do once in a while again tomorrow on Pancake street , live , in the R'dam !! However ... Let's not skip important steps here !! Here are a few doodles from my last few days in Antwerp !! So ... Last time , on the Electric Plog ... I was in Antwerp , Belgium >>>>

Here's what I might have been caught drawing there !!

Right on !! From skipper street to the Mekanik gallery !!

Antwerp rocked !! I will def. be back there very soon !!!

Tomorrow ... Tat action reaction ... Yeah , I know ... It's been a while !!

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ZAK said...

Two flags and a peace-sign on the hat? Must be american. Super stuff, homie.