Elle-ey !

First day in the capital of ... ? ... Of cars ! Lots of cars here !! Smog too ! Lots of smog here ! Smog and cars ! Lots !

Me and Jesse decided to break the number one rule of L.A. on the first day and decided to walk !! And we walked all day ! From Culver city to Venice and then all the way up and down Venice beach ! Got a few sweet shots on the 35mm and these here on the digital ! Venice beach , I thought was pretty cool !! Here are a few shots but you'll have to wait a while to see the real good 35mm one's I got with my Canon !

Tomorrow ... Hollywood ! Let's go see what that looks like !

Also in the news >>>> I will not be working (tattooing) here in L.A. !! I know I had a few people on the waiting list but after my existing spots clearing up and a busy week in San Diego ! I decided not to work at all this week ! Need to pretend this is a vacation , at least for a few days !

Next new tat-a-thon will be live from SF ... So until then , it'll be doodles and pictures and rad crazy adventures on this Plog !!



igl said...

wow, amazing shots! super colors !!! awesome !+!!!

ZAK said...

Nice pics, buddy. But it's gonna be a challenge to get sweet ones in Hollywood. Because its a shithole. Maybe you guys should visit Griffith Observatory, that was cool.
Good luck!

C.Liu said...

i wish i could meet you guys up in LA today. I'M SO BORED HERE! Too bad i never got any contact when you were down here.

ZAK said...

ps. don't get me wrong, I loved LA and its weird buzz, but it was kinda shock to see how little glamour there actually is. Unlike we've always seen on TV. Thanks Mr. Spelling...