Golden gating !

In the SF news >>>>

The last few days have been awesome !!! I've been walking all over this pretty town and taking lots of awesome shots of pure awesomeness ... True story !! But let's not get all excited , jump and miss a few steps ... Shall we ! You guys are still a few days late !! So ... To keep on catching on ... Here's what happened in the last few days !

After arriving last Tuesday , much has happened ! First things first ... Wednesday was a tat-a-matic tattoo day !! That's right ! Steve said "I love love love the cloudhugger , man ... And I need a sketchbook too and ... Some birds would be nice too !" So ... That's exactly what happened ! We drew it on and around the existing ... Script , pretty quickly ( I had it all laid-out in my head from the start) and here's how it went >>>>>

Had to borrow the shop markers so ... Orange to ... Die ! Pink for me and black for Steve >>>

A day's work later ...

Would have loved to add some deep turquoise all over the background but time was of the essence ! So I wrapped it all up and I think we will add to this piece when I come back !! Oh ... I didn't tell ya ?? Yep ... True story ! I've decided to officially come back to this sweet spot ! Now I still plan on skipping at least a year of NAmericaning but starting from 2011 , I'll def. start planning an S.D./S.F. trip again !!!

So yeah ...

... Mind your sketchbook pages , or else you'll lose them all !!

More in a sec !

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sweet tattoo