No - stop - till >>>>> San Francisco !!

Have just landed here an hour or so ago so I can't be taken too seriously , however ... Up to now ... SF ROCKS !!!

Let's see what this town has that others don't , starting tomorrow !! I know I'm falling behind on my posts already but I'll try to catch-up as soon as I can !! Doodles and pretty pictures of the last few days will be posted asap !!!

However , for now , good night !! A "train*" ride from LA to SF takes about a day and I can hear my new temporary pillow screaming my name already !!

Oh ! And before I forget ... For those concerned >>>>>>>

1239-A 9thAve
SF CA 94122

*A train ride with Amtrak from LA to SF is actually a 3 hour train ride followed by a 7 hour bus ride !! Who could have thought !

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Craig S.A said...

Amtrak followed by Greyhound? Oh... the memories! easy on the guiness, cos the girls could be boys who were girls or boys who are boys resemble girls but still like boys! Trust me please!