Safe passage !

Absolutely !!

Now I had almost forgotten ... But before I left the ship , I gave the guys this piece ! The 2nd mate gave me a bunch of their old obsolete navigation maps (I love drawing on stuff) and I left one behind for the ship !! Was pretty happy to see they all got stoked on it and it got framed up and put at the best spot on a ship in a few minutes ( between the Poop deck (Yes ... Poop) and the A deck) !!! Rock !!! T'was much better than the washed-out sunset at sea poster that was there before , they all agreed !!

She's bringing the ship safely home , in Antwerp ... Not kidnaping it !!

So yeah !! Now ... If you don't mind , I'm checking out of Antwerp and off to the Rotterdam ! I'll Plog ya some of the pages I doodled here in Belgium when I get to the shop on pancake street !! Until then ... Stay safe !

And yes indeed >>>> !! 100 !! You guys ROCK !!! One day ... One day , I'll beat Ashley Wood's follower count !! One day !!


Miss C. said...

101 actually ;)

Flora Amalie said...

Aw, that's sweet!
I bet they're sitting on their ship right now, talking about what an awesome guy you are!

Eric said...

is this liquid acrylic or marker just right over the map??
its like its just covering it up enough, yet just letting enough through....

Unknown said...

I'm LOVING all these ocean paintings n sketches Nick!!!