Santa Monicaca

I don't know anyone from the polo club !

"Just another day in paradise" - Said this guy , two days ago on Venice Blvd. while me and Jesse were walking down the sidewalk next to one of the longest rush hour jam I had seen in a very long time !! Well ... To each his own , right ? I don't know about paradise but there sure are a lot of cool things in L.A. !! Maybe it's just cuz I'm a tourist with no more than a week to spare for this town but I kind of can see a few cool things about L.A. now ... Peeking through the smog !! Def. sure I could never ever live here though !! Just not for me !! Here's what it all looks like if you look through my head . . . . .

And here are a few more of the day's L.A. doodles !! From the legs of Hollywood Blvd. to the busy coppers of the ever so famous LAPD !! I already managed to get in trouble !! True story !! "Blup blup - Please respect the non-smoking area - blup blup - Don't ya know you can't smoke on the side walk -sir , keep walking ... Keep walking - blup"

Tomorrow ... Me and Jesse go and have some doodle time with mister Craola ... And then a little trip through porno valley followed by a quiet little dinner at my new friend's , mister Bugs's place ! Frenchmen unite ! They just do ! And last but not least ... Up up the Hollywood hill for that magic shot of the city of endless lights !!!

Busy day ... Wish me luck !! Until then , sweet dreams tonight !


Thorofasius said...

Breaking the law breaking the law (in a Judas Priest voice) dude, this surely will show up on your record :)

Unknown said...

Bad-ass sketches, very cool

C.Liu said...

sweet cop car! too bad i missed you guys while you were still in LA. Saturday was the only day I could get up there and I didn't see your response till it was too late (oh no!). Anyway, SAFE TRAVELS TO YOU!