Top the hill ...

Much to blog ... Not much time to blog it in !!

You guys are gonna have to wait a bit to see all that happened today !! Just don't have enough time tonight ! Been real busy lately like wooo ! Tomorrow , me and that Jesse dude are leaving L.A. early to catch a train up to San Francisco ! That's right !! First we walk all over L.A. then we take the train places !! We is loco !! So yeah ! Pretty happy about this next part ! Always wanted to go to SF ... Finally am , tomorrow !! ROCK ! More more more in the days to come + all the doodles of today , in the next Plog-o-matic action post !!! Here's a last shot from this town ... From Venice beach ... The fearless pirates of Santa Monicaca !!

Plog ya later ... Until then , good night !

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Command T said...

Holy crap.. they gots pirates there too?! Look out for your boats and MP3 files!