Dive hopping !

Another page from the SF sketchbook !!

Time has come again ... Am starting to get into travel mode , once again !! Got quite a ride back !! So ... After this little post is posted ... A very intense packing session awaits me !! A few more good foods and drinks tonight and then , off in the morning !
Here are a few shots I managed of yesterday's dive-o-rama-pub-hopping action !! Amanda's a bit shy ... She realizes how impressive the sheer number of people who read this Plog on a daily basis is overwhelming !!!! Tim's just always so happy and always on the lookout for a new pen-pal !! And me in the corner ... me in the spotlight ... Losing my religion !

Also in the news >>>> Everyone finally got their replies !! Wooohooo ! Managed to get back on top of my inbox !!! I'm sorry it took me so long to figure out a spot for everyone this time around but it was truly a tough few months to book !! Done !!

And finally ... A last SF postcard shot !!

Plog ya later !

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Anonymous said...

have a nice boat trip, sugar.