Behold... The RED BOX!!

It's true it's true... The RED BOX is real!!

Here are some stats and all you need to know to make your christmas perfect this year... Yeah not like last year!!

RB-1 [RED BOX season 1] First Edition

Hard cover
240 pages with 2 gatefolds
21 x 21 cm (that's like 8" something by 8" something, for you people)
Full colour

That's 205 ish pages of RED BOX + an extra 35 ish pages of extra awesomeness
including awesome epic extra pages from none other than:

Jesse Smith
Ben Newman
Davee Blows
Tom Haubrick
Uncle Allan
Honkey Kong

ISBN: 978-988-16928-1-8

465 HKD and that is:  60 US / 47 EU / 38 UK

Available starting from Monday the 19th of November (Monday coming up).

Anywhere... We ship to the world!!

Between 10 to 15 US to most of the civilized world!

Free shipping to anywhere in Hong Kong!

Clandestine Republic also offers a free "Customs Deceiving" service for those of you who live in countries serviced by organized criminal post offices (i.e. North Korea, Zimbabwe, Denmark...)


You can order this epic saga through:


Get this epic brick of ultimate awesomeness... It'll change your life! No really!!

Don't hesitate to ask me about this or anything else: pick@electricpick.com

You ROCK!!!


Michelle Hilden said...

but when i am told to not pay attetion i can't not do it!!! ohh god why did you do it?? now all i can do is stare at that post!!!! arrggg

igl said...

i love the red box story !!! :)

Ryan Taylor said...

Just hopped on and now I'm along for the ride! Great work sir!

Flora Amalie said...

Whoa, twist!! How's that even physically possible?? Oh, wait, i get it... it's a holodeck, right?