Just like sardines 23-26

Wednesday is obviously your weekly RED BOX dose day and this wednesday is no different...

Now I know I said I'd make a big update this week... And I almost did... I mean I got 10 pages done this week! But then it pretty much took me all week (most of them are over rendered too) and well, I'm gonna have a lot of stuff to take care of next week so... I'm terribly sorry but I've wisely decided to cut the load in two and sacrifice quantity for constants! Hope you understand!!

This story is getting more and more mysterious and oh so intense too... Ok ok... Check it out for yourselves... Your weekly RED BOX session awaits you >>>>





On the edge of my seat, let me tell ya!!! Next Wednesday might bring us closer to maybe understanding what the hell is going on here... Or maybe not just yet! Who knows...

Also in RED BOX news... Keep an eye out for that tab on the top left... (yes the one adequately labeled "RED BOX")! It will be a standalone post with the whole comic posted from the start so you don't have to find every post one by one!! Smart right!?

And thank you all for all the awesome comments about the said RED BOX!!!! Hugely appreciated!!!! I've been getting about one a day and it just really makes me want to do more!! You rock!

More Ploggings asap!!
Stay fresh!

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