Day 36 of 35 days of nights!

That's it that's all I is outta here!

On my way back to my beloved and dearly missed wonderful home as we speak! However, I really have to say once more that this whole trip was much easier than I had anticipated! All the work was awesome and all my Danish and European customers were absolutely fantastic!! The level of dedication you guys show is truly humbling and I try to return the favour as best I can with my doodle ninja skills!!! Every piece would definitely be a sure portfolio piece if I had such a device and the whole 5 weeks went by actually pretty painlessly for me!!!

Thank you all so much!!!!

Copenhagen and I have had our ups and downs but this town, when it comes to tattooing, has always been good to me! I will, once again, most definitely be back!!!

To all my Dansk homies I leave again! Thanks for understanding my crazy schedule and making time to come out and hang when my schedule allowed it! You're all the number one reason I keep coming back, it's true! I miss ya already!!! Allan the Dark tattoo ninja, Yellow Pants the dream catcher, Jorgy the Eckel, Lucifer supreme ruler of the underworlds, Commando Thomas the Zombie ready, Commando Mich the Asian Sensation, Phil the Power, Michelle who's not in Oregon anymore, Ailish from the greenest land...

... If you find yourselves missing me at anytime... Just park your polar bear war sled on the highest hill of this never ending ice desert, blow in your battle horn and look at the moon! I will be there... Looking back!

Ok ciao!
Catch ya later, here or there, as long as you're all happy!

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Michelle Hilden said...

Missing you already, but awesome to get to hang out, and i am happy to report that there was no scabbing from the last session, i will get some pictures for you, hav a hoot, next time we go out in HK!