Hey what-up!!??

Slowly getting back in the beat after a few days of staring at my ceiling and killing one bottle of Ricard after the other!!! Ahhhhh.... I'm back!! Words fail me... So damn happy to be back home... In my wonderful beloved HK!!!!! Ok ok... I could write about just that for pages and pages but I'll just skip that for now and show ya a pretty picture instead...

Here's the next Brussels Convention poster I just finished working on a few days ago... Just before I left Copenhagen town! It's a bit of recycling since all the time I could put on it was 20 minutes here and there between tattoo breaks! Sadly my Copenhagen tattoo schedule did not permit me even just an hour at the time on it! But finally I managed and I quite like what I came up with!!!! Have a look!!!

Can't get enough of this hand writing!!!! I wouldn't print entire books like that but a poster or a zine... Absolutely loving it!!

Also sadly... As much as I was seriously tempted... I just won't be able to attend this convention!! Just did the poster for it, not going! Putting it out there cuz I know I'll get e-mails about it! Also if you're waiting to see me at any convention... Don't! I just don't do them anymore, since 2007 to be precise!

Just come to Hong Kong!

Ok ... Got to go... Just found out last night that there's a zine exchange tonight and I actually managed to put a few pages together for it! Got to print it now! I'll post about it asap!

Ok Ciao!


Anonymous said...

Love that cloud hugger

igl said...

Beautiful ! see ya in Brussel ! ;D