O.P.+ E.T. 30-32

RED BOX day!!!!

Here are the first pages of chapter 3!! Hope you like them… They were kinda done at the last minute but I love what I managed for this week's session! And oh so so mysterious… I won't spoil it for ya… Have a look for yourselves!




Oh em gee !!!!! Is this the future??? Is this the past??? What is going on here?? Who is this "Emma"???I can't bear the intrigue!!! Some answers, I maybe promise, for your next week's weekly Red Boxing!!

So yeah!! Finally a chick in this comic!! And 32 pages already too! I won't give you any hints or spoilers but I promise nothing short of awesome for March!!! Absolutely!! You'll be hooked I tell ya!!!

Thanks again for all the awesome comments and e-mails I get about this comic!!!! It really makes it the best project to work on and makes me work harder on it!!!! You guys rock!

Expect some pretty cool Red Box related news in the weeks to come too!!!

Ok ok got to run… Take care out there and I promise to post again asap!!!


Check the RED BOX out from the start!!

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Flora Amalie said...

Stupid Japan got in the way of my blog reading, but now i am finally caught up on Red Box, and holy crap, what's going on??!
Can't wait for the next one!

(Also, please remove the captcha, they've gotten ridiculously hard to read!)