Nervous Nellie in the room

Some people should definitely never get tattooed!

Some 18 year olds are ready to get tattooed, some 40 year olds are to young to get tattooed! Some people are good to go whenever, some people need to go home and think about it a bit more and some people need to never enter a tattoo shop!!

I'll spare you the rant of the day and just show you what Nervous Nellie got >>>>

A sweet piece indeed!

Those who read this blog regularly know that I have in the last 5 years only complained about such things twice! It does take a lot!! Back up tomorrow with more sweet tats!!

Stay calm... Take it easy out there!!


Goodluck Jonathan III said...

just SHO' DEM DA DO'!

Anonymous said...

> Something stupid that wasn't worth posting <

EP-You want to write stupid things to stir shit up and want to see them posted here? Don't post under Anonymous!


Dear Anonymous/Douche

1: You want to say stupid things and want to see them published here, don't post under Anonymous.

2: I'm guessing you're not a tattoo artist. But when someone is your customer for the day, has waited a year to get tattooed by you, has a definite plan of what he wants and confirms many times during the course of a 4 hour drawing period after going to the mirror repeatedly that this is indeed what he wants to get done and has been waiting a year for. The only thing giving me a gut feeling that he's not ready is his nervousness. But add to that the fact that in the last 14 years I've barely had a handful of "not-ready to get tattooed" Vs a regular, steady stream of customers who are just nervous and need more explanations, both cases demonstrating the same symptoms before a session.

As a tattoo artist, sadly for me and for him, this gut feeling is only confirmed the next day when after barely a few hours since we finished the piece, the e-mails start coming in about wanting to change this and that because some friends of his have told him it looks a bit like this or like that! These people are not bad people, they're just people who will never be satisfied, are control freaks and generally stressed, paranoid individuals, which I'm sure you'll agree, are all a very bad mix of personal traits with such long term decisions making situations as getting tattooed!

When you create a great piece from scratch and put a day's work into something you take pride in, the last thing you need to hear is that it's not appreciated the next day for such stupid, shallow, paranoid reasons!

If it was all only for the money, I'd be zapping 20 fake Chinese characters a day in a mall behind a T-shirt rack, wouldn't bother with drawing at all or even with this blog!

Really… Think about what you write!