The Tin can 21-22

Aha! You thought I might have forgotten??

Well it was hard to find the time to make new pages from scratch since I just landed back home yesterday but I managed!! I managed 2 pages for your Weekly RED BOX session too!! Expect more next week… Since I'm on vacation now that I'm back home, I'll have a lot more time to work on other stuff!!



Where is this going? Who are these people?? Can you really hide a submarine in a rice paddy??? So many questions… Perhaps some answers next week?

Take it easy out there and I'll Plog ya back asap!

P.s. Tell your home you love it if you haven't done it in a while! I'm sure it'll appreciate it!

1 comment:

Michelle Hilden said...

omg those are the evil fishpeople!!!!
but no worries they are stupid as hell