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Yep!! Ladies and gentlemen this post is indeed the 1000th post, the big one G post of the Electric Plog!! Congrats to graffiti with punctuation and 4 and a half years' worth of my life's doings laid bare on these fine World Wide Web pages! I didn't think it would actually take this long to get 1000 posts! Anyways... Here are the news of the day:

Operation "Road Runner" part 2 starts tomorrow! Keep an eye out here once in a while for updates and most probably more of these "tattoo catch-up" posts too in the days to come!

Here's the plan:



Goodluck Jonathan III said...

graffiti with punctuation!!! classic!!! thanks gary, simon and ian!!! do you know what the worst thing about being filthy rich is...? and for god's sake could you please take your cap off indoors?

Keiko Fox said...

Enjoy part ii! Don't throw koalas! Hope this part is less stress filled!

Niels Corfitzen said...

Thank you for 1000 awesome posts!!!
Keep it real down under…