The day after the day! The first day of a new era. The day everyone realized what had just happened the day before and the day we were all faced with the civilization divide between the West and the Middle East! As Americans cried, and American haters rejoiced, the whole world knew it was in for some rough times! Inevitably, this decade that redefined the post cold war era, from both sides of the spectrum, absolutely and without remorse exceeded all expectations in inexcusable horrors, useless waist of life, and all around inhumanity!

10 years and absolutely nothing to be proud of!

Hoping the next 10 can only be better and ran by smarter people!


Keiko Fox said...

The next ten can only be better... I think so.

Michelle Hilden said...


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you're not American so you don't share the same sensibilities or may be aware of others' feelings toward the subject , but that image you just drew to satisfy you're "artistic urge" or whatever you may call it, is offensive. You may as well draw a picture of people being slowly killed by jet fuel or people jumping to their death to avoid the latter.

There are other ways to illuminate a text than by crudely drawing an unimaginative exploitative image of the subject.


Really?? … No!
Sorry I just can't see it! You're tripping balls and/or have shit in your eyes dear Anonymous! There is no way my drawing is disrespectful or mocks in any way this tragedy.

Go point your finger somewhere else! Haters aren't welcomed here!

Uncle Allan said...

Hey Anonymous! How about pulling your american flag out of your ass? This has nothing to do with being American or not! Idiot! It's not a drawing approving what happened or supporting. What's the difference between making a really nice drawing and putting up a picture of the actual event? You will see plenty of those but I guess that's ok because you have already seen those? Making the effort of actually drawing something for the post shows that there is some thoughts behind this post and not just something that was written down to provoke your anonymous ass. Try open your eyes and maybe you will find that other nationalities felt it as much as some Americans.
But good job hiding behind being anonymous and your American flag.

Oh... Hi Nick! Miss ya!!

john cheetham said...

Word!! was going to write my own rant at mr/mrs anonymous but decided its just not worth it, they are clearly just a fool.
Keep it up and hopefully we will see you when you are back in Europe

Anonymous said...

Please try not to be so defensive, in the end, you're going to do what ever you want with these blog posts. It was just a suggestion. I come from the position of one human being to another, not from an authoritative or superior stance.

I am strongly apposed to the flooding of delicate images of 911, any of them, be it an AP image on an article or a drawing on a blog post. The attack shouldn't be profited from in ANY way.

I remember the panic in peoples faces and how all the streets were barren with the exception of one or two cars this was a strange sight at eleven in the morning where people would normally be rushing to lunch.I remember how in the following days after 9/11 you'd see that image over and over and over again. Once was enough. A terrified younger me would wake up when I heard an airplane in the middle of the night.I'm pretty sure this wasn't an isolated case. Did this happen in your country?

I'm not hiding behind my American flag, nor am I one of these gung ho "Amurca is better than yeeewwww" types, I'm simply stating that what we felt was horrible. The people who orchestrated it had achieved a level of terror previously unfelt in the country. Did you feel that abroad in your homes? Were you told not to go out because more attacks were expected? We're you practically forced into a paranoiac mode? I just can't imagine you feeling the same urgency we did. This isn't me being elitist saying "we endured so much more pain and that makes us better" this is me saying we endured pain and we'd like you to stop poking the wound. If indeed you did feel the same way we did then I apologize for being obstructed from seeing it and urge you to stop all the bullshit capitalization of a tragedy be it from cnn fox msnbc this blog or others.


Re-Dear ANONYMOUS, to answer your final comment…

a) When you ask me to not be so defensive: Then I ask, please don't be so offensive ("to satisfy you're "artistic urge" or whatever"-"You may as well draw a picture of people being slowly killed by jet fuel or people jumping to their death to avoid the latter"-"crudely drawing an unimaginative exploitative image of the subject") If this was not an attack on my work than please choose your words more carefully next time!

b) If you're saying you're complaining about the overuse of imagery in general about the subject, you should stay away from the internet, the TV, radio and printed news and all other form of media! Specially during the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy!

c) When I was a kid living in Paris, in the early 80's I remember pretty clearly being afraid of taking trains! I must have been only about 4 or 5 and don't remember exactly all the details from back then and only truly understood later why but the media had somehow gotten to me, even at such a young age! While Carlos was blowing up trains and cafes all over Paris on a monthly basis, for a few years, somehow these images that I was lucky to have never actually lived had reached me and even if my parents were trying to avoid letting me know about all of this, I still developed an unease towards taking the train or the underground for years after that! So I can somehow and to some extent relate to what you're talking about. I guess this 9/11 syndrome is a bit of an international trouble maker because it is often talked about by Americans like if it was the only tragedy and act of terrorism ever perpetrated and that America was the only one hit by such a tragic loss of life. You must absolutely try to understand how, without diminishing your pain, this is a horribly selfish statement! Terrorism has existed for far longer than America has, it has traumatized millions before and after 9/11 and still continues to claim lives every single day around the world! This has nothing to do with sides or even ideology, it has to do with the useless loss of life and is happening every day! One, whether American or not, must always stay humble about these things! 10 years after September 11th and directly caused by it, thousands of lives have been lost for nothing in Iraq and Afghanistan (250 000 civilians) and it is very insulting, in a global opinion, to attribute the loss of innocent lives lost in the 9/11 tragedy to a higher standard than all the innocent lives lost from NATO bombs in the 10 years that followed and still counting! I absolutely and could never mean any disrespect, whatsoever and in any way to any family who lost someone due to these events, not American, not Iraqi, not Afghan, not Pakistani! No one, in my opinion has the right to take someone else's life! Not a religious fanatic hijacking a plane, not a NATO fighter pilot!

And yes, I'm defending my work and opinion here! But as hard as it might be to find proof in these lines, I assure you I mean nothing hurtful and disrespectful! We all have our own personal opinions and memories of such catastrophic events! Even 10 years on! And anyone "poking the wound" of any such event is downright inhuman!

I am a criticizer, I will always criticize, in words and in images yet it is not because I am not with you, that I am necessarily against you!

That said, I always encourage any opinion to be posted here about anything! Just try not to attack too much and we can all stay friends!!

Anonymous said...

I was being offensive and I am sorry that I chose to say what I said in that way, and may have disrespected your work. I was not thinking clearly. It was not my aim to attack your efforts as a whole but the idea put forth by that one piece.

I still think one can report things without having to put out what some may consider sensitive images. Time, for example, put out a really nice tribute on the eleventh, where they took portraits of people that were involved in the incident and had them tell their story.

I understand how what I said may be seen as selfish. I don't however see anyones struggles as more important than anyone else's.I know there have been other groups of people besides Americans who have been the targets of terror be it from the hands of guerrillas or those of military force and I wish that had not have happened anymore than what happened on 911.

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to respond, sincerely, I appreciate it.



Right on!
It's all good Alex!

No hard feelings!!!

I can imagine a lot of emotions about all this last weekend in the States!

Rob Benigno said...

That conversation was handled in an astonishingly civilized manner, glad to see!