Yep! just got the news!! On my way out in the next few days to the fair shores of the Antipodean Island continent... (Australia)! So ... I'll be going to, but not solely and not only and/or also not necessarily without only, Melbourne/Brisbane/Sydney! I'm looking at a few weeks to a month trip here (reading the briefing as I'm writing) right now so not everything is planned to perfection so far but as usual I'll update you as soon as I know more myself! I am also planning on hurting the locals in most but not all of these destinations so if you find yourself fitting all of the below criteria, do let me know!!

A) -Presently residing (legally or not) in the above mentioned Australian urban areas and/or can make it to any of these.

B) -Interested in a "one-shot" and nothing bigger than a 6 hour piece.

More information about that as soon as possible! Until then if you're interested in a spot and/or just hanging... Even though I can't give you exact dates just yet... It's always good to give me an early head's up and secure a spot!!



Also, and directly related to, but not entirely only because of, these spontaneous above mentioned events>>>

1) - I have to close the EPTB for a few weeks... Let's say till the 1st of November! I'll update you on that!!!

2) - I'm stopping the COPENHAGEN BOOKINGS until I can manage to find the time to manage managing them! Most probably till the 1st of November! Until then, everyone who has written to me (even if you didn't get an answer just yet) is considered booked and I will keep writing back to figure out your dates and stuff! This "BOOKING STOP" only applies for people who haven't written to me yet!

More news in the days to come!



Joe Capobianco said...

Safe travels man. See ya soon.

Dale cooper said...

Ay pic few pints and some pain on the cards ..... Can't wait ! Bonz

Anonymous said...

nice one mate just follow the yellow brick road..

Michelle Hilden said...

Woaw!! Australia!! Woaw, i am a bit jealous, well really I am a lot jealous but in a good way, safe travels and take lot's o pictures (of course you will) can't wait to read all about it!!