In the wind...

Ladies and gentlemen... Specially the ones in NAmerica interested in getting some sweet tats from me... Here's some news for ya!

Ok so... Even though I will be visiting New York and Philly this year, I won't be working there! Sorry! Just not enough time!

Also... The HOPE GALLERY spots in New Haven, CT are all booked up! So no more North East workings for me! If you're still interested you should definitely still let me know but it'll be for the cancelation list!

Also... I have 2 spots left for San Diego! Let me know if you're interested in them before the end of the month!!

There ya have it! My dates for this NAmerican trip have also changed just a tad bit but am waiting to have everybody booked in before I make them all official and stuff!!

As usual please don't hesitate to ask about anything: pick@electricpick.com

And finally! I will announce my EUropean dates in the days to come with guidelines and rules and such and such! Nothing too complicated just got to give priority to the few unfinished pieces before I start with everyone else! There will be waiting list spots and even new new spots!! Anyways... More about that later!!

Until then...

...Stay awesome!!!

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Michelle Hilden said...

uhuhuhuhu europe dates!!!!!! How exciting!