Operation -ROAD RUNNER-

Ladies and gentlemen, I just got the call and a new operation is under way!!

Mhm... That's right! As much as I'd much rather just stay home and deal with the extraordinary amount of stuff I have to do here, my international man of mystery duties are calling once again!

I don't have a lot of exact dates and destinations due to the highly covert and oh so secretive nature of this operation but I know I'm out by Friday and that it looks like I'm going south!

I'll give you more news in the next few hours as I get it myself but one thing is for sure, wherever I end up, it's high time for some overt tattoo action as well!!!! Let's see what's in the briefing when I get it!

Until then... Stay awesome and keep booking them Copenhagen dates!! There's about only 8 days still unbooked already but with all this extra spy work, I can't wait to close these bookings!

Keep it light!!
You guys ROCK!

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