Don't hate the playa, hate the game!

Still out there! Still running around! Got a homie in town too for a while so time to post gets thinner! But worry not! Very exciting news and dates are just around the corner!!!

Also in the news... A PUBLIC DISCLAIMER!!!

Haters, finger pointers, shit starters and enemies of the critical mind should really not, for their own good, be checking and reading this blog!! There are plenty of crazies' blogs out there!! go read theirs please!!


BLACKOUT said...

I for one, hope you keep posting about the things you give a shit about. It makes a healthy change from the general tone of ignorance and banality that the inter-webs has to offer. If it riles some of the masses then perhaps they should take a step back and look at what is happening in the world around them, and perhaps point a finger at themselves first.
PS I never knew you had crabs..

Nick said...

If you have a critical mind and make critical posts on the open web, you should be prepared to take some critical posts yourself..

Nice work btw


You're absolutely right NICK! I assure you there are no double standards here! That's why I post every comment and try my best to find time to answer the more opinionated ones!