True story !

Still playing around with one or two details on the cover but the rest is done done and done !

Booyah !

More about that and about other extraordinary adventures tomorrow !


Juanko said...

Yes! Been waiting for your book for quite some time now!

Flora Amalie said...

Congratulations, can't wait for a sneak peek, i'm sure it's epic!

Ps. Word verification is "finih", it's almost as if blogger knows what the post is about, but can't spell!

Michelle Hilden said...

HURRRAAAAAAAA, congrats! can't wait to sit a flip through the pages!!!!!

BLACKOUT said...

well done buddy!!!! ill have 2 guinesses to celebrate. my word verification is "squeysi". i think blogger knows nothing.

ZAK said...

I bet it's one of them books I accidentally "forget" on the table every time some guests come over.
Good for you! (making a one-man wave..)

Unknown said...

Freaktastic. Cant wait to see it