I figured it out !

Silly me ! No parallel dimension busyness but rather simply the countryside ... Normandy , to be precise ! Who could have thought ?

Been taking advantage of the indisputable fact that I am completely and utterly cut off from all form of civilization to ... Well ... Do not much ! Taking it easy ! Bit of a short break !! Apart of course from entire days spent behind my trusted computer , finishing up this ... Yep , this book , Nothing much else to worry about is very nice ! So yeah ... I'll be doing this for a bit longer so ... I'm sorry to say there most probably won't be anything crazy rad awesome to Plog about till I'm done with this hermit thing ! Worry not however , only taking a break , getting ready to jump back in soon enough ! As soon as I get back to Copenhagen ... Expect a lot of awesome Ploggables and mad adventures !! Much , much is planned for the other half of this great year ! Hope I can fit it all in !!

Stay awesome , enjoy the weather if it's nice where you're at and you can expect a "It's done !!" book post any day now !!

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ZAK said...

Just make the book ready already!!! Goddamit.