Tank parade !

Today is , indeed tank parade day for us people !

Happy tank parade day !!

And now for some news from the front >>>>>

1-I Have , officially finally , found some accommodating accommodation on the rainy island kingdom of Denmarkia ! Not without stressing for two months , if I might add !! I really hope the recession makes it to Scandinavia by the time I have to do this flat hunting busyness again ! Shitty little flats in shitty little hoods going for thousands of Euros a month with a 5 month deposit upfront , disappearing in a few hours , is not cool !! You guys need to be hurting a little more in this time of global economic hurt ! Not cool I tell ya !! It however means that the plan is going according to plan ... No tattoo appointment will be pushed back and the calendar stays as is !! Good news for all you traveling homies !

2-Exact dates and calendar for the next few months will be posted asap !! And also some more facts on this book busyness too (i.e. when and how) !!

3-I just saw the Cove ... I'm sad now !

Plog ya right back tomorrow !
Stay housed !


Flora Amalie said...

The Cove is soooo good.
And we can't wait to have you back!

ZAK said...

Man, I'm dying laughing here, you got CHEESE on the tank as well?? Haha!
My pin-up robot hottie is messing up my mind already!!

ZAK said...

ps. Saw The Cove now. Too angry/sick to the stomach to fall asleep.