On my way out tomorrow morning ! Off to a parallel universe for a few days ! I will be able to Plog and answer non work related e-mails but since I'll be in a parallel universe , I will be impossible to find !!
I'll be back in our known universe , more specifically at the Conspiracy inc. in Copenhagentown Denmarkia on the 2nd of August at the crack of 2 (pm) !! If you so happened to be dropping by that area at that time and had an extra double espresso (black/black) with you ... Please don't hesitate to drop by and say hi !!

More posts as soon as I arrive to this parallel dimension , until then ... Stay awesome !!

P.s. I hope you all did your tattoo viewing push-ups ... Cuz it looks like I'll be hella busy as soon as I get back !!

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Flora Amalie said...

Quit telling people to drop by, we're secret now, remember!?