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Still in the boonies !

The day's update ...

Been webbing all day ! True story ! Been awesome ... No not really but well needed ! I've started a long overdue web-site redux of Electricpick.com ! Big clean up . Haven't started filling it up with the new stuff yet but just getting rid of all that older material took long enough ! It feel's fresher already !! New calendar , new news , new links are up ... Just waiting for my web dude to update my addresses and it'll be ready to load up with tones of new stuff at anytime !

Then ... I guess I didn't have enough HTMLing for one day ... So I decided now was as good a time as any to redux the Electric Pick Ture Box as well ! Yep ! Fresh new look and a giant clean up ! So it's now just about ready to receive all the new projects I have in store for the next few months !! Let me know what you think ! There's nothing to really browse or anything but it does look much better !!

And last update of the day ... About this book business , questions have been asked !

The book's title (yes like on the cover a few posts bellow) is: ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOOK 05/06 The sad but true end of sammy flügen and other tales from beyond! Yes , I like long titles !! It'll be a 264 page brick of absolutely awesome paper ! First run will be soft covers with a limited edition (100) , hand signed , hand numbered and hand doodled hard cover version too ! Gomineko press is the publisher of this chunk of awesome and all this will be available first on Gomineko's web-site and Amazon , followed by a bunch of deals with diverse distributors all over the world ! So you might also find it at your local book store too ! Oh and I'll have some too ... And lastly I still have no idea of how much this brick will cost once for sale !! Anything else ? Oh yeah , it's going to the printers in November (Gotta wait my turn) and will be available just in time for Christmas . I'll update you all when I get news of the process !

Booyah !

Plog ya right back tomorrow ! Now if you don't mind ... I'll just close my overworked computer for a while !!
Stay awesome !

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