Paris for a few days ...

... Just trying to re acquaint myself with the civilized world ! Wouldn't want to come back to Copenhagen and be all uncivilized and stuff !! After just about a month in the boonies ... One needs to reach out to his fellow humans and learn to embrace coexistence ! That or be very miserable !! I just learnt there was 6.8 Billion of us now !! Granted my numbers (6 billion) where a little old (Quit school rather young) but still !! I didn't think it was going that quick !! So 7 soon then ?! Probably exponential too ! We already barely have enough resources as it is to not maintain our way of life !! "Not" because I'm thinking of everyone here !!

Anyways , so yeah ... Few days in town ! Back to the countryside tomorrow but for a few days only ! After that , I will disappear in a parallel universe, nowhere to be found (specially for anything related to tattooing) only to reappear , back behind my beloved Conspiracy desk in Copenhagentown on Monday the second of August !

Oh and don't worry ! They do have internet in the parallel universe I'll be going to so you can expect the regular Ploggings !! No worries !


Joseph said...

How many few days in Paris ? I'm round if ever :)

Otherwise it'll be in CPH provided u get civilised enough. I can't see that happening in France but its worth trying :)



missa said...

have fun