How it all works!

Yep yep ! Back to the countryside already !

Was just a short spontaneous visit , however I seemed to have missed a few hangout opportunities ... I'll be back , fo sho !
Now , and for the next few days ... Some last "nature" time before I leave once again ! I have , as it turns out , spent just about a month here in this hostile , unpredictable , "natural" environment ! And I have studied it very carefully ! Paying attention to every detail unfolding before me and learning about these mysterious "natural" ways ! And I have understood ! True story !! I now understand how it all works ! You guessed it ... Here's a new factual facts post to enlighten you all , this time about the "nature" !! Here's how , I now understand , a tree actually grows ! Unfolding before you the actual true workings of this "nature" thing !!!

OAK A56 -
From Section 2B:

True story ! Yep ... Trust me on this one ... I'm surrounded by these "trees" and I know what I'm talking about !

Stay informed and Plog ya right back !!!
P.s. Top picture with no Photoshop ... Magic hour before a storm -Was actually even a bit more yellowy orange than that "live" !


Miss Wai Wa said...

btw, have you ever been to Las Vegas? I saw your drawing on the street... your lovely rabbit. maybe copy you?

ZAK said...

Is there something wrong with the roots? Cuz the maintenance man looks VERY concentrated. You're cracking me up here, once again.
Btw, are those the real natural colors in the photo? Looks friggin' beautiful out there.

art skull tattoo said...

trop fort, impressionant !!!! je crois que je vais commencer a picoler aussi de la Guinness, combien de litres par jour ????